Thursday, March 1, 2012

My strange food allergies

So most people have normal food allergies that we have all heard of, but of course I have to have a different sensitivity to certain foods than most other people, therefore making it harder for me to avoid these items.

I can't eat anything fermented, otherwise I will have a migraine, which I do not enjoy, as I have spent too many years already battling them and I am only in my 30's. It also makes me short of breath, feeling like my windpipe is shutting off and an elephant is sitting on my chest.  Not only not fun, but also scary, so it's not worth eating the things that do that. A benedryl helps, but makes me feel awful the next day, and I don't like taking medicine.

So anything fermented includes yogurt, vinegar, alcohol, breads and I am sure others.  It does not sound too bad, but it means I have to limit or not consume: yogurt, relishes, bread, sandwiches, mayonaise, mustard, ketsup, all salad dressings, alcoholic beverages, cakes, brownies, cookies, the list goes on really long if you think about all the things that contain vinegar especially.

If I watch what I eat, a little in moderation is not likely to affect me, so that is a plus. Then I decided in my quest to figure out what was causing all of this that I would weed out eating bad for you things like white rice, pasta or sugar.  I do eat whole grains, veggies, fruit, seafood, some red meat and some other things, basically a healthy lifestyle.  However, I do break the regimen occasionally and endulge in a few things, afterall life is short.

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