Thursday, March 1, 2012

All Natural Cleaning for my Home and Family

So I have been on a mission lately to try all the "new" money saving, all natural options for my house. I started with making my own laudry detergent in November, and have been impressed. It cleans just as well as any other detergent I have bought in the past and has saved money for sure.  Next up was dishwasher detergent, same there, however, I still run my brand name tab thru every 3rd or 4th load, it is not quite keeping up, so I will try a new recipe next go round.

My newest trial is going to be foaming handsoap with castile soap and water and I found foaming handsoap dispensers on Amazon.  My kids just make a huge mess and waste regular handsoap, I'll let you know how it goes when I get it all together. Also when I figure out how, I'll share my found recipes.

In the future I will continue to try to make more all natural things for my home and family while saving money, and will keep you posted.  We are just running thru all the regular things we have on hand first, so we don't wast it.

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